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What is self – defense?

Self-defense is also called as personal defense is an action taken to offset another person. It includes keeping oneself safe and taking care or property or social welfare from hurt or physical injuries. In self-defense, we use our physical force to protect ourselves from the threat of violence. A force can be carrying a weapon or having knowledge of karate or any martial arts.

The chance of winning totally depends on the person’s capacity. The person must be highly trained of the skill and knows what to do in times of attack. Over the past few years, people have been using self – defense to protect themselves. There are loads of varieties of self – defense around the world that is being used by individuals.

Importance of Self- Defense To women

Women need to learn self-defense now more than ever. Self-defense will allow women to develop confidence, it will allow them to empower themselves, and it will allow them to find safety in difficult situations. It is imperative for women to do so; they should not have to feel the way that so many of them do.

To Children – Self-defense not only allows children to tangibly defend themselves against physical attacks, it also sparks various benefits to them in everyday life. Important values and principles can be learned, such as hard work, dedication, and perseverance, as well as the importance of maintaining personal relationships.

Self Defense Training helps people, especially working women, school and college going girls, house wives and lonely grandma’s to develop more confidence in themselves and their surroundings. Knowing that you have the ability to defend yourself gives you the confidence and freedom to fully explore the world, meet new people and find new ways to engage with others.

Why should you learn self-defense today?

People are working with various types of self – defense for years. It has not changed. People are still searching to defend themselves in various ways. There are a wide range of reasons why you need to discover this today, even if you have never considered it before.

Self confidence boost – The first thing you need to get with the pursuit of learning self – defense is a self confidence boost. These will Create Mind set.

Know more about your body – You will know more about your body if you learn the self defense techniques properly and will be able to do things you never thought you could.

The social benefit – You not only to learn how to defend yourself; with these empowerment you will become a Social defender.

Holistic teaching and training – Learning the Yoga and Meditation will be the combined approach of merging mental awareness and training physical fitness is the real essence and main benefit of enrolling into self – defense classes for women.

Potentiality to de – escalate situations – It is not only for preventing attacks, it is perfect for other kinds of confrontations. The ability to continue a cool head and solve a tense situation will help you in family matters, workplace settings and friendship disputes. This will take you to the next mile stone.

The ability to face work place challenges – It improves the work place the awareness, finding the dangers, risks and approaching seemingly invincible challenges with confidence.

Improved physical fitness – you will find that you can lose weight with relative ease. Also stretch and study how to defend yourself safely, you will end up being able to fight and defend yourself with an extra advantage of physical fitness.

Physical – These can be by an abuser, mugger and violator from over – violent children. It can come from a complete stranger to people who are close to you. The moment you show you are not afraid and are capable of defending yourself, you have won half the battle.

Mental – This might happen in an office when your boss or a colleague is trying to be jerk, or practice psychological torture on you. It can also be from the relatives or spouse. Never allow the tormentor to push the buttons.

Is self-defense a human right?

YES. The right to self-defense is a fundamental human right that deserves bipartisan protection at every level of government. No parent should ever be denied the right to defend his or her children. … Very simply, no one should be denied the right to defend themselves in the face of grave danger

The Four Elements of Self Defense:

  • Four elements are required for self-defense
  • An unprovoked attack,
  • Which threatens imminent injury or death, and
  • An objectively reasonable degree of force, used in response to
  • An objectively reasonable fear of injury or death.

WRC – STREEBAL: Educate and Empower

WRC-STREEBAL, a platform for women by women aims to make women around the universe ready to face the hardest situations life puts them in. STREEBAL means WOMEN’S POWER.

WRC – Women’s Renaissance Centre in Chennai is a non – profit NGO foundation that is a proven model not just to educate girls and women of all ages, but also offer the whole community with access to clean water, Girl Education, Old age home program, Food, Sanitation and Sustainable Village development, Renovating Reconstruction of Herritage and Historical Temples in Tamil Nadu, and Animal Welfare thru Brindhavan Gaushala in various locations in Tamil Nadu. WRC also inspire people with the aim to provide education to every child and offer them the right tool and platform to enroll others to provide and become a part of the solution.

STREEBAL – The Streebal founder’s Mrs. VAISHALI DHOOT, a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Martial Art Taekwondo. Her soul’s sole mission has been to make women realize and master their true potential in every sphere of life. Her zest and mission has taken her foundation to various parts of the country to empower women with self – defense training for schooling girls, working women sr. citizens and vulnerable and Taekwondo. Her workshops are sought after by various public and corporate sectors, schools, clubs, colleges and housing societies. Also, she conducts lectures and brief demonstrations.

WRC and Streebal JOINING HANDS to encourage and to lead empowering women effectively!



WRC – STREEBAL for self-defense is the most effective real-world system taught today. Our WRC-STREEBAL self-defense classes are intended to teach methods exceptionally effective for personal protection in the shortest possible time. Our mission is to make women realize and master their true potential in every sphere of life.

Your Punch Has the Power

As a woman haven’t you ever been a victim of eve teasing, groping, nudges & pushes in your day-to-day existence? How often have you had to be an unwilling silent victim of physical and mental exploitation at workplaces be it corporate offices, schools or colleges etc.? At the lower segment of society the physical violence, marital rapes by drunken men is far too common.

There’s no end to the kinds of danger the world can throw at you, this need not happen to you anymore and how you set yourself up to survive these situations can make all the difference. There are many types of self-defense you can use to keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • What are you afraid of? Why should you as a woman continue to suffer?
  • Why should you not retaliate and fight for your rights?
  • Wouldn’t you like to stand up for your rights and fight back for your safety and dignity?

WRC – STREEBAL is here to empower you to thwart any atrocities be it physical or mental anytime, anywhere. It will empower you to stand-up for your rights, respect and dignity. You will no longer be a meek victim but be a fierce fighter. People will understand your ‘No’ is emphatic ‘NO’ and your punch has the ‘power’.

Learn to Nip the Evil in the bud, never keep quiet and ignore. If you ignore the danger, you are allowing them to succeed in their first step.

FEAR – Feel Exploited and Runaway (OR) Fight Explode And Radiate, the choice is yours. We help you to identify and change your limiting beliefs. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop look to fear in the face.





  • We don’t teach only defensive techniques; we CREATE MIND SET.
  • To understand environment, to practice and predict, to stay vigilant, to identify and act upon the potential threats and immediate danger.
  • To apply effective techniques of CHOCKING, POCKING, & UNLOCKING aggressively regardless of size and strength.
  • How to defend and counter attack using punches, knees, elbows, kicks and available properties against violent chokes, grabs, strikes and threats with weapons.
  • Unique Techniques to defend and counter attack simultaneously and aggressively target vulnerable areas.
  • To learn and practice the art of Yoga and Meditation to effectively resolve the situation and prevent the use of violence.
  • To understand and read human body language to sense in advance the forth coming attack, also to prepare and prevent early before they can even integrate your personal space.
  • To learn how to use your body type to your advantage, also learn to use the attacker’s size and weight against them as well.
  • To learn to use the highly effective techniques of use of self defense tools.
    You’re always a little bit closer to danger than you think, so we train you and make sure you’re always on the good side of a bad situation.



  • To Empower women. To enable them to defend against any type of physical assault. To build self-confidence so that they can contribute meaningfully to their own development, shape their own destiny and capacity enhancement through Selfdefence training.
  • Empower women by training them with different defensive techniques and to create a strong state of mind set.
  • To Go Beyond Limits and working alongside communities to empower women and girls through positive and sustainable WRC-STREEBAL self defense program.
  • To provide effective training to school and college girl children to feel empowered to seek education and not be afraid to pursue their own dreams.
  • To focus on a number of different social-psychological programs that aim to assist children who may be experiencing abuse at a physical or emotional level.
  • To educate the male and boys in the society to respond immediately whenever and wherever the women or in need support.
  • To promote training centres for kids focus on teaching practical and effective self- defense principles in a fun, dynamic, and encouraging way.
  • To promote function over form and is designed to bring kids to a high level of proficiency in a relatively short amount of time. Streebal training will be offered to kids between the ages of 6 to 12 YEARS at a variety of levels.
  • By developing women feel more secured in their community it allowed them to move more freely between home and workplace, and to feel safe while moving in the streets.
  • To make simple change to their state of mind and sense of security will change the way they envisioned their lives and what their potential is as an individual.
  • Establishing a change of attitude towards Women and young girls in India, where there is a growing demand for further gender equality.
  • Stree Develop Stree – The self-Sustaining model will be promoted. Where by House wives and elderly women also take part in the self defense training shows that women are promoting the project to other women.



Mrs. Vaishali Dhoot believes that women do have a power to create, nurture and transform.


3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Martial Art Taekwondo by World Taekwondo Federation

  • More than 29 years of experience in teaching self-defense including free training to make women for all ages efficient and self-sufficient.
  • This Mother of Two beautiful Children is an all-rounder not just a life achiever also awarded Mrs.GUJARAT.


Mrs. Vaishali has been awarded the Kasturba Smriti Chinha Award from Sankalp for Khadi and Bapu 150” at Ahmedabad.

  • Received the BHARAT RATNA DR.AMBEDKAR AWARD 2019 from two of the most Inspiring Women, RAMA DEVI Ji(Indian politician) who is on the Panel of Chairpersons of the 17Lok Sabha and SUNITA Ji DUGGAL (Indian Politician) who is the only WOMAN MEMBER of Parliament from Haryana.
  • Appointed as the PRESIDENT OF THE CONSUMER PROTECTION COUNCIL MUMBAI METROPOLITAN. The department of Consumer Affairs runs a “Jago Grahak Jago” multimedia campaign to create awareness amongst consumers about their rights.
  • Elected as the WOMEN PRESIDENT of the Mumbai (East) Division of the POLICE MITRA PARIVAR SANGH
  • She is also working to promote gender equality, women empowerment and self – defense to establish a world that offers a platform for not just equality but also that guides women to be extra confident and stronger to take the lead.
  • She is a Fitness Enthusiast, Biker, Chairperson of Cultural committee and an event organizer.
  • She reflects the power and strength of an independent woman and also, she endures the motherhood journey. She balances the both and is a perfect instance for women to achieve their life goals without settling for less and instead to grow at all possible ways.
  • Mrs. Vaishali has achieved so much to inspire women. She works hard to help women of all ages by teaching martial art and self-defense training.



  • Self-defense training workshop at Krishnashray Gurukul, Mathura for more than 120 girls, a great experience to share, as it is important to know basic self defense training.
  • Collaboration with Laja Foundation for self-defense training at Goregaon for more than 30 women
  • Collaboration with Laja Foundation for self-defense training at Karnala Fort for more than 60 women, on women’s day self defense workshop. As she says believe that you are strong so you can strongly fight for yourself, by giving inspiration to many people.
  • Special self-defense session conducted for senior citizen women of Maheshwari Pragati Mahila Mandal as there is no age to learn self defense
  • Society workshop sessions for self-defense training and techniques for kids under 10 years of age at various societies in Mumbai
  • Self-defense employee training at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited, Navi Mumbai
  • Special sessions conducted by individual families for self-defense techniques


Thousands of Women and Children Empowered with Self-defense Techniques

  • Speaker various occasions and places for self-defense awareness, empowering and uplifting women confidence in society.
  • Special sessions conducted by individual families for self-defense techniques
  • Special self-defense class conducted in BM School, Borivali east for grade 9-10th standard girls.


Game changing Efforts for the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality



  • Self Defense Workshops : For any Segment of community
  • SUPER KID Self Defense Training : For Kids from 6 to 12 years
  • POWER TEEN Self Defense Training : For Girls from 13 to 19years
  • SUPER LADY Self Defense Training : For 30 to 50 Years
  • SUPER GRANNY’S Self Defense Training: For the Women who calls herself Grandma.
  • BASIC Self Defense Training : For 13 to 30 years
  • PERSONALISED Self Defense Training : For any age group Girls and Women



Over 29 years of study and experience we train POWER TEEN and SUPER LADY with maximum strength of only 15 students per class to ensure best teacher to student ratio to provide the best self-defense training ensuring the safety and customized personal needs of every student.
Our self-defense training system Creates the Mind Set, helps to improve physical fitness, works on emotional intelligence, improve the self-discipline, agile your street awareness, develop a fighters reflex and warrior sprit.

Self Defense WORKSHOPS


WRC – STREEBAL self-defense workshop focuses on a specific group of targeted audience and specific category of attack that women may be confronted. The categories deal with Importance of Self-Defense, Detailed demo of Chocking, Pocking and Unlocking, Understanding the Environment and how to be vigilant and proactive also to prevent Attacks, unlocking the chocking from rear, and Boundary Setting while also establishing the context behind crimes against women.


We ensure kids focus on teaching practical and effective self-defense principles in a fun, dynamic, and encouraging way. The system is designed to bring kids to a high level of proficiency in a relatively short amount of time.

Kids will develop their self-discipline, simple yoga and Meditation techniques will improve their memory power, fun and practice to improve their physical fitness, train them to protect effectively against bad touch. WRC-STREEBAL training will be offered to kids between the ages of 6 to 12YEARS at a variety of levels.



The women develop the mind set to use their skills most effectively, improve their self- esteem and positively affects their personality; they learn techniques for fighting at close range. Train them to defend and fight against rapists and assailants armed with weapons and rape defence against gang rape, to seek help and to secure breathing space in an attack situation. The class also provide the techniques to break the chock hold, anti-panic training to help the women consider escape routes and fighting strategies in an assault situation.


Grandmas are getting trained to fight or flight against the dangerous situations and how they can be averted through a series of simple physical moves. They are been trained how to use their voices as a weapon for resistance.



We teach and train students with

  • Introduction and Importance of Self-defense
  • Awareness, Assertiveness, Precautions and Preventions
  • Emergency response training and Exercises
  • Chocking, Pocking and Unlocking
  • Use of properties like Pen, Keys, Perfume, Mobile etc.,


  • Those who have completed the basic self-defense training are eligible for this advance training. Basic Self-defense training they might have trained
  • Intensive training to be mentally and physical strong to fight against rape, sexual assaults, molestation, kidnapping and murder.
  • You will learn the Yoga, Mediation and de-escalation to resolve the situation and prevent the use of violence.
  • How to survive any situation with close range self-defense tactics from the front and back, teaching you the step by step way to curtail any attacker in a moment.
  • You will learn to use self-defense tools and/or weapons in practical realworld situations and highly effective techniques to escape from larger, much stronger and multiple attackers.
  • Learn exactly what to do when faced with a knife or any other weapon. .
  • We provide case studies of crime happened and make them to understand and make them to learn how to respond that to ensure their safety.
  • FEAR – Feel Exploited and Runaway (OR) Fight Explode And Radiate, the choice is yours. We help you to identify and change your limiting beliefs. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop look to fear in the face.

We don’t just teach you image set of Techniques but


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