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 “Inspire The Women Within”

Women Exclusive is an organisation for women welfare constantly targets to educate and enlighten all the age group women about social updates, beauty, fitness, diet, latest fads, interior decoration, career and more updates on lifestyle for the upliftment of the women on the regular basis updated with the powerful and innovative words of wide-range authors with the spark of intelligence.

We believe that “educating women will educate the whole nation”, we have been trying in different ways to inspire the women for growth within themselves. We are constantly tracing successful women and spend time to draw the driving force in them and the inspiration of them to achieve the place they are actually now.

“Because you can create highest grandest possible vision for your life because you become what you believe in you.”

So, we are trying to be the stepping stones in your success by inspiring someway or the other.

Women exclusive try to unravel the essence of life in so many ways, like beauty, fitness, secret ways to success through words, like a postman carrying wonderful messages from the authors and achievers.

“A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labour exploitation and disease, and given them the knowledge skills, and confidence to reach their full potential.”- AUDREY HEPBURN.

We cannot afford to lose the skill, energy and passion of each woman and girl. We must build on such social capital if increased wealth and improved health care to be assured for the long-term. Every woman and girl deserves an equal chance to shape her future, whether she lives in a small country or any city.

Women’s empowerment is not a women’s issue; it is everyone’s issue. Investing in women means a future which is more inclusive, fairer, more prosperous and more secure. This means millions of promises, with each and every one of us committing to eliminating child marriages, to no more girls out of school, to removing barriers for women to own a business, and to tackling violence against women and girls.

We need fully to accept the harsh reality of gender-based barriers to women’s equality and empowerment.

“To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is amn’s injustice to woman. If the by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior.”- Mahatma Gandhi 




Praveen Dilip, the creator of this blog, women exclusive. Creating a blog, specially meant for women had been on my mind for a long time and now I am here with one that caters to all aspects of womanhood. Women Exclusive targets women of all age groups, offering them insights about diets, beauty, fitness, latest fads, interior decoration, careers and much more, on a regular basis. My blog is a tribute to all the lovely women in my life, whom I deeply respect. That includes my mother, my wife, my sister and my darling daughter.

Apart from specialization in SEO, Blogging and social media, I possess a decade’s worth of experience in Internet marketing and SEO related services. Born and brought up in Chennai, India, I have studied MBA and PGDM


Andria, she is an award-winning international freelance photographer, she is a specialist in street photography and portraits. She is a fun-filled traveller, writer and lifestyle blogger.

Her travel blog talks about travel and lifestyle, her thoughts and general everyday happenings in her own world. She inspires a lot of women with her very own experiences that she explored through travel to different countries. 

She is one of the privileged writers of women exclusive, who always shows lots of interest and passion for writing.

Anshu Taneja:

Our very own darling writer of women exclusive is Anshu, who is a postgraduate in commerce. She loves writing more than expressing through her speech because she believes that will create a great impact on society. Her works range from technical write-ups to creative ones, from automobiles and gadgets to fashion and interiors.

The best description can be given to her is “ introverted-optimist.”; which will be her personality the best. She is interested in other fields like fitness, dance, music and reading.

Narmada Udayakumar:

Narmada believes that the strongest women will lift the weakest of her own kind. She also trusts that a woman could do something, then she definitely can! She proudly believes that she is following her dream of becoming a writer, prior she was a marketing executive.

She loves to spend more time on physical fitness and loves to practise yoga, Crossfit, running and swimming.

She is so independent in thoughts and action and presumes that a real woman is more than just a healthy mind, body and soul and she symbolizes epitome love.

Sindhu Udayakumar:

Sindhu is an enthusiastic writer of Women Exclusive, she basically an optimist in her thoughts, graduated from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, with merit in the international hospitality & tourism management.

She is an inquisitive type of person and does not hesitate to new things, she loves to write about event styling, motherhood, health fitness, relationships, travel, food, photography and work-life balance.

Tracy Chatelier:

Tracy described herself as night-owl, blogger, self-proclaimed poetess, artist and gamer. She loves to travel and camping loves to compose her own songs and has lots of love towards movies.

She takes her inspiration from the great writers like Albert Camus, Salman Rushdie, Jack Kerouac, Kafka, Allen Ginsberg and Sylvia Plath.

Her process goes something like this- research, draft, polish, eliminate and edit

Her future dream is to publish a novel for a hundred pages long.

She quotes favourite lines of Nathaniel Hawthorne “easy reading is damn hard writing,” which she remembers every day before writing.

Preethi Nagaraj:

Preethi is an engineer by education and a digital marketing manager by profession. She started her career with content writing for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

She has three years of experience in writing platforms, her major strengths are willing to learn and execute the learnt and she always has endless passion for writing.

She is from a conservative family and she has to play a handful role like daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, manager and writer. She is interested in reading, travelling and watching content-driven series in her leisure time.

She has high perspectives on women for women, she joined with women exclusive to interact with superwomen across the world through writing and bring their stories to life.

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