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The empowerment and autonomy of women and the improvement of their Social, Economic and Health status is a highly important end in itself. In addition, it is essential for the achievement of sustainable development. Women and girls in the developing society are hit hardest economically. We deliver the knowledge and support they need to forge new opportunities.

Empower Educate and Explore – We are dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full economic potential whereby every woman is able to use her voice, make her own decisions, and engage in economic opportunities.



Women are change makers and leaders in their community. We educate and empower them with resources, opportunities to explore every social platform that facilitates learning and sharing of experiences.

Ignite Inspire and Integrate – We focus to ignite the girl power and empower women to get inspired to participate in self-help groups, train them with self-defense techniques to build them mentally and physically stronger to get freedom from domestic violence, improve their self-confidence, self-esteem to develop freedom of their movement with increased awareness and access to information.


Economic empowerment is the ability to make and act on decisions that involve the control over and allocation of financial resources. Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.

Empower every woman to take control of one’s own life, and making positive decisions based on what her want.

Create Connect and Contribute – The true empowerment comes when you convert intention into action. We are focused to create more effective, responsive, inclusive, and accountable institutions to participate equally in existing markets; their connect contribution and control over productive resources, access to decent work, control over their own time, lives and bodies; and increased voice, agency and meaningful participation in economic decision-making.

FREEDOM FROM POVERTY: Promoting the fulfilment of women’s potential through education, skill development and employment, giving paramount importance to the elimination of poverty, illiteracy and ill health among women.

This includes empower and educate women, safe access to society, the existence and security of communal toilet facilities, slum upgrades with basic needs, safe car parks, shopping centres and public transportation.



Improving women’s health strengthens women’s economic empowerment. Women’s empowerment and equity have been increasingly recognized as potentially crucial components of efforts to achieve mass health and development objectives. Women and girls need increased support to meet their basic needs and protect their basic rights. Access to education and health care, including reproductive health care, is absolutely critical.

The economy of the future demands women’s full participation. There can be no women’s empowerment without access to comprehensive maternal and reproductive health services.
Disparities in educational access, limited economic opportunities, and low relative status of women all shape women’s ability to control their health and their futures.


WOMEN’S SAFETY involves strategies, practices and policies which aim to reduce gender-based violence (or violence against women), including women’s fear of crime.
Women and girls are frequently subject to violence and abuse – from physical and verbal harassment to assault and rape – on city streets, public transportation or in their own neighbourhoods. Such daily occurrences limit the rights and freedoms of women as equal citizens to enjoy their neighbourhoods and society.

Need for a focused and an all-inclusive approach to create gender parity for women in Indian Industry and Civil Society

Perception of safety is a state of mind. First and foremost, women should feel safe. She should be most comfortable while moving in the society.

The solutions to the problems of women’s safety and violence must be multidimensional in nature as the challenges facing these women are interwoven – economic, political, family and financial issues, education and emotional concerns are all interrelated and must be treated as a composite. Once again, optimistic and pessimistic lessons were both present; the capacity to implement activities successfully was balanced by the weight of limited finances and of limited political will.


G- HELP (GIRL –HELP) – Help Line and Call Centre will be established with advance technology and well trained women professionals, the same will be operated 24 /7 round the clock to support women and Girls in PAN India to get support in times of emergency and crisis.


WTF – Women Task Force and Community Centres will be established in major cities in the states of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and then will be expanded to all other states to ensure and support women safety measures by preventing the violence against them.


WRC-STREEBAL self defense academy will be established in 40 WSDA centres in 37 districts in the state of Tamil Nadu and 20 WSDA centres in the state of Maharashtra before the year 2025. These centres will be dedicated to empower women by training them with different defensive techniques and create a strong state of mind set.

WSDA trains them to defend against any type of physical assault. Women learn to build self-confidence so that they can contribute meaningfully to their own development, shape their own destiny and capacity enhancement through Self-defence training.


WSDA FREE TRAINING TO WOMEN POLICE DEPARTMENT: To support Government and to prevent violence against Women, WSDA will provide free self-defense training to the WOMEN POLICE DEPT in the states after getting the approval and understanding with the concern authorities.

Target over 10000 Police Women will be benefitted thru this training across the country before the year 2025.

WSDA FREE TRAINING TO WOMEN MEDICAL EMPOYEES in GOVT. HOSPITALS: The saviours of human life are the Doctors and Nurses. The opportunity for victimisation is high in their profession. We WSDA will provide free Self-Defense training to all these government hospital Women Employees.

Target over 50000 women employees like Doctors, Nurses and technicians Etc. across the country before the year 2025.

WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: Independency and Financial security reduces their vulnerability to situations of violence as they become less dependent on men and better able to make their own decisions.

To empower women economically we develop initiatives to provide huge job opportunities to women thru our projects

WRC-STREEBAL SELF DEFENSE & CIVIL DEFENSE ACADEMY – 10000 women employment opportunity will be created by empowering women and girls from different parts and walks of life before the year 2025. Identifying interested needy people, providing training, practicing and promoting them in our planned 100 centres across our country to serve under PINK PROTECTORS.


We protect women at their homes, workplaces and communities by providing the security services, as our clients need to safeguard people, protect their assets and maintain their ability to focus on their core business. We accomplish this by our well trained Pink Protectors team having the core values of PREVENT PROTECT & PERFORM.

WRC-STREEBAL WOMEN’S SELF & CIVIL DEFENSE ACADEMY will train and empower 10000 women and girls and appoint as PINK PROTECTORS across our country by the year 2025.

Pink Protectors mission is to enhance security by accelerating the Educate, Empower and Employ of specifically trained protector’s force ensuring prevention and protection against women’s violence and abuse. We provide and implement specific solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.

G-HELP call centre well equipped with advanced technology and efficient women professionals that will operate 24/7 in CHENNAI supporting PAN India round the clock and provide assistance to our women and girls in times of emergency and crisis situation.

G-HELP centre will be integrated with our Pink Protector’s RAPID RESPONSE TEAM deployed in all major city WRC-SREEBAL CENTRES. This Rapid Response Team will be of trained Women Task Force equipped with advance communication tools, safety equipment and transports.

DHAKSHA – WOMEN SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE: To Establish 100 DHAKSHA skill development training centres in the states of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra to empower women and girls by focussing women’s capacity building, leadership and income generate skills. We will create a very structured platform for women to expand their professional network to connect them globally.


Skill, knowledge and adoptability in business are the main resources for the women to emerge into business ventures. A strong desire to do something positive is an inbuilt quality of entrepreneurial women, who is capable of contributing values in both family and social life.

DAKSHA Skill development centre will adopt appropriate measures to improve rural women’s ability to earn income beyond traditional occupations, achieve economic selfreliance, and ensure women’s equal access to the labour market and social security systems.

In all 100 DAKSHA Skill development centres we provide the training and business opportunity to suite this digital era that will change the women and girls the JOB SEEKERS will become the JOB CREATORS.

WRC-CARRER OPPOURTUNITY: Developing women entrepreneurs, developing SHG-Self Help Group, to guide them through career options, co-ordinating with Corporate, Companies, MSME providing the job opportunities. And provide them an opportunity to be mentored by successful women achievers who have climbed up the professional ladder in their respective careers.

WRC WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS PLATFORM – A woman entrepreneur is a confident, creative and innovative woman desiring economic independence individually and simultaneously creating employment opportunities for others.

If the opportunity is given the new era women are rapidly changing from job seekers to job creators. They are growing as consultants, designer, technology developers, exporters, publishing, clothing and always looking for new modes of economic participation. They have better access to local and global markets.


We will be collaborating and partnering with various public as well as private sector organizations and bring them on a single window to support with their women focused entrepreneurship schemes, initiatives and programmes.

We will offer services to members under various needy areas:

Innovations, Knowledge sharing and Skill Development
Marketing assistance by identifying new avenues and existing opportunities
Funding and financial Assistance
Social Networking and Promoting entrepreneurs

Our BRINDHAVAN GAUSHALA will provide 2000 job opportunities to rural women that increased income to secure their livelihoods focuses on supporting rural women’s livelihood strategies, enhancing their income opportunities along the food value chain, supporting women-led entrepreneurship and promoting their linkages to high value markets.

GIRL POWER – Every Girl in our society deserves a chance to learn. A girl’s education changes everything. An educated girl is more likely to grow up healthy, safe and empowered to determine the course of her life and creates the healthy society.


FREE EDUCATION TO 3000 GIRLS BEFORE 2025 – To promote the fulfilment of girls’ and women’s potential through education, skills development and the eradication of illiteracy for all girls and women without discrimination of any kind, giving paramount importance to the elimination of poverty and ill health

DIGNITY & SELF ESTEEM: In safe homes and communities, women have the right to value themselves, to be empowered, to be respected, to be independent, to have their rights valued, and to be loved, to have access to health services, to have solidarity with other family and community.

WRC AROKYA KENDRA – We establish 100 WRC Arokya Kendra with well-trained medical professionals coordinating with different voluntary medical associations to conduct periodical medical camps to promote women health empowerment to take care of pre-emptive measures, to reduce maternal mortality, to receive good prenatal care and skilled medical care at delivery, to avoid cancer, and better parenting so they can meet their full potential as human beings.


We also will work with men so that they can become more sensitive to the needs and rights of women and more fully understand the benefits that result from equitable treatment and respect for women’s human rights.


FASHION can be used to empower women and make them feel fantastic.

  • It’s shows women’s personality.
  • It expresses the women’s Creativity
  • It develops women’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

We teach women to use fashion as a way forward in many aspects of their life. You should ever feel yourself more strong and beautiful. Women must think about fashion every day and only put on clothes that give you confidence and power. Once she makes her own rules, realize what works best for her and what makes her feel great about herself, there is no denying SHE will truly look and feel like a SUPERWOMEN.


Today’s society the young women has created a certain high expectation for the perfect image and set unrealistically high standards for themselves.

Those who are unable to live up to this standards they lose their self-confidence and feel rejected which lead to severe mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

The times are changing and the society, the fashion and beauty industries are slowly shifting to accept and celebrate the women natural beauty. The true female empowerment is now supported.



In Women’s everyday life getting disturbed and demoralised with hundreds of idealistic images of women instead they learn to define their self-image based on their own criteria of beauty.

When one start feeling more beautiful on the outside, she will soon realize just how quickly her confidence can grow and how her inner beauty shines with it. If, however, you are unable to focus on anything but your flaws, perhaps a makeover would be a brilliant idea.

Use beautifying to your advantage. Never try to hide your natural beauty with a mask of heavy makeup; rather, use it as a tool to highlight the most attractive aspects of your face. Devote more attention to accepting yourself; let your power and confidence shine.


We will provide fashion design course in all WRC DAKSHA Skill development centre to empower women in Fashion and beauty. Fashion Design is an enormous field with ample opportunities. Women are highly innovative, have well-built imagination & a taste for exclusive glamour, fashion design is the most desirable career option to showcase them all.

We promote Fashion design, Beauty and Wellness training program to empower women under various state govt. and central govt. schemes, in such schemes we will train more than 25000 women before the year 2025.

SAFE SPACES: Space is not neutral. Lack of movement and comfort is a form of social exclusion. Planning and policy around safety should always involve and consider women comfort can serve to discourage violence.

POLICY, PLAN & PRACTICE: To prevent from perpetration or victimization, this can happen by improving knowledge and attitudes that correspond to the origins of domestic or sexual violence.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION: Promoting women’s and girl’s full participation in community life, efforts to involve strategic and comprehensive initiatives to address the risk and protective factors related to male superiority and male sexual entitlement.

To involve men in women’s safety, Promote safer, healthier community for everyone. This is a participatory process focused on changing community norms, patterns of social interaction, values, customs and institutions in ways that will significantly improve the quality of life in a community for all of its members.


CO-ORDINATION: To identify, develop relationships with, collect information from nongovernmental organizations, institutions, local authorities and grassroots initiatives working on women’s safety on the global, regional, national and local levels.

To identify and document tools promoting women’s safety on the global, regional, national and local levels

AWARENESS AND PUBLIC EDUCATION: Fostering support from the general public by engaging them effectively across various levels and sections of the society including educational institutions, corporates, tourists and other stakeholders.

Raising awareness and ensuring women’s rights. Network-building and sharing rights and educational information

Changes in behaviour of men and women, greater self-esteem and self-confidence of women and to involve men in women’s initiatives and activities


To organise different kinds of meetings and events in order to address issues relating to women’s safety, such as workshops, seminars, educational programs, conferences, and forums. Some events brought together different members of the community to join forces and voices in drawing public attention to the problem of violence against women, often with media coverage.



WRC- WACHC, a platform to EXPLORE EDUCATE and EMPOWER women and children with good health, safety, financial stability, equal participation in society, and make them realize their rights to the highest attainable standards of health and wellbeing. WACHC means WOMEN AND CHILDREN HEALTH CARE.

WRC – WOMEN’S RENAISSANCE CENTRE in Chennai is a non – profit NGO foundation that is a proven model not just to educate girls and women of all ages, but also offer the whole community with access to clean water, Girl Education, Old age home program, Food, Sanitation and Sustainable Village development, Renovating Reconstruction of Herritage and Historical Temples in Tamil Nadu, and Animal Welfare thru Brindhavan Gaushala in various locations in Tamil Nadu. WRC also inspire people with the aim to provide education to every child and offer them the right tool and platform to enroll others to provide and become a part of the solution.

WACHC FOUNDATION – The foundation is started by Ms.KEERTHANA SURIYA a highly aspired, dynamic medical student, professional classical dancer who is engaging in self and social development, building relationships and exhibiting integrity. She strongly believes that when women and children rise, their communities and countries rise with them.

WACHC FOUNDATION aims to build a World in which every child and woman attains the right to survival, protection, development and social participation.

WOMEN’S RENAISSANCE CENTRE and WACHC FOUNDATION are JOINING HANDS to lead the Women and Children health empowerment effectively.


We protect women at their homes, workplaces and communities by providing the security services, as our clients need to safeguard people, protect their assets and maintain their ability to focus on their core business. We accomplish this by our well trained Pink Protectors team having the core values of PREVENT PROTECT & PERFORM.


WRC-STREEBAL WOMEN’S SELF & CIVIL DEFENSE ACADEMY will train and empower women and girls and appoint as PINK PROTECTORS across our country.

Pink Protectors mission is to enhance security by accelerating the Educate, Empower and Employ of specifically trained protector’s force ensuring prevention and protection against women’s violence and abuse. We provide and implement specific solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.

G-HELP call centre well equipped with advanced technology and efficient women professionals that will operate 24/7 in CHENNAI supporting PAN India round the clock and provide assistance to our women and girls in times of emergency and crisis situation.


PINK PROTECTORS will be one of the leading Protection solutions provider managed by women for women. WRC-STREEBAL WSDA will be empowering over 10,000 trained professionals across the country. As your integral partner for protective services, we deliver service excellence by connecting people, advance technology & developed knowledge and by leveraging on our national, regional and local presence.

With our tri-value principles “PREVENT PROTECT AND PEERFORM” PINK PROTECTORS will protect women and girls at homes, workplaces and society.

PINK PROTECTORS is an organisation managed by empowered innovative and ambitious women offers a broad range of protection services.

  • Executive Protection Services
  • Specialized Protection Services
  • Event Protection Services
  • Escort Protection Services
  • Personal Protection Service
  • Executive Protection Services

Our PINK PROTECTORS professionals are well trained to protect women HNI, High profile individuals, Celebrities, Eminent sports personalities, Business woman, Industrialists or any individual exposed to threat. The team of protection professionals provided for executive protection are mostly lead by retired defence and police personnel.(woman)

Professionals will be trained with high defensive techniques, high situational awareness, and calm, proactive and responsive.

Pink protectors’ professionals will be given specialized training to handle all kind of threat perceptions & intelligence gathering. Trained in martial arts and close combats

Specialized Protection Services

Based on our customer specific specialized requirements, identifying the customers need, analysing the risk elements our Pink Protectors will be providing the customised tailor made protection services.

Event Protection Services

Pink Protectors provides customized protection solutions to meet client’s specific needs during Wedding, Family functions, Educational Institutional events, Corporate events, Sports events, Entertainment programs, Inaugural functions, Celebrities visits, Concerts, HNI’s personal meetings and many more.

The protection strategy will be designed and defined into entry to exit and core protective solutions based on the vulnerability to scan and sanitize the total asserts, internal and external areas, incoming and outgoing vehicles, assets and people.

Protection services will be executed boundary to boundary by focusing on the critical stage of advance pragmatic planning followed by systematic implementation. In addition to this the crowd management, disciplined gathering, proper media response, well coordination with government and concern local authorities.


Escort Protection Services

Technically well-equipped, specialised trained Pink Protection professionals will be ensuring the protection of employees and transit management.

Empowered women will be providing exclusive and efficient escort services by allocating required transit services with proper guidelines for all women employees

Our empowered women RAPID RESPONSE TEAM or WOMEN TASK FORCE will be designated in times of emergency or crisis.

Personal Protection Services

This is a specialized designed protection services for celebrities and any highly profile Individuals on demand the empowered Women Task Force professional trained with relevant skill set to manage any kind of risk or threats. This team will be of retired NSG / defence or police personals.

Our Special and Dedicated Services for Women and Girls are:

G-HELP call centre operating 24/7 to provide services to women and girls in need of any emergency and to prevent and protect women and girls against violence or abuse.

G-HELP call centre will be integrated with our Pink Protector’s RAPID RESPONSE TEAM deployed in all major city WRC-SREEBAL CENTRES. This Rapid Response Team will be of trained Women Task Force equipped with advance communication tools, safety equipment and transports.






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