India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao


Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.”-John C. Maxwell

I’ve recently come across this book “India Positive Citizen” by Savitha Rao, it was like an eye-opener, I’m like a normal person who blames the society for its every flaw and short-comings and Bluntly utter “ No great leadership, selfish politicians and bribing the government officials and no unity among the citizens and highly polluted cities” ooofhg! So many complaints but no self-realization of what I’ve done to my motherland and what is my contribution towards my country? It was a tight slap across my face after reading this book, I request every citizen to read this book and redefine our role and responsibilities towards our country.

What is the general idea of this book?

One action, once a week, every week. That’s all we need to do to contribute to a better country, according to Savitha Rao, the author of a book that encourages small actions designed to spread positivity every day.

A nation of millions of millions needs a billion people nurturing it with mindful actions. A book that offers highly actionable ideas on how every Indian – from a child to a senior citizen even participated in nation-building.

While working towards sustainability, Savitha Rao (B.Sc, Chemistry and MMS (Marketing), Mumbai University) realized that a lot of people either had a sense of apathy or powerlessness towards issues outside their immediate life. “I believe that each one of us can make a difference and together we can bring positive change,” she says.

“As a nation of 1.30 billion, we face many challenges – social, civic, economic, environment. These cannot be solved by governments and civic bodies alone. We need every citizen to participate,” says Savitha who launched a campaign “India Kuch Kar” in 2012. The goal was to inspire citizens to get involved in civic issues. “The key focus area was cleanliness in public spaces. This was in 2012-13 before #SwachhBharat”, she informs. The campaign got a lot of traction and the ideas from “India Kuch Kar” were even shared by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in his #MannKiBaat. It was then featured in the #MannKiBaat book. Savitha was also invited in August 2016 to visit Delhi for an event and met PM Modi. The meeting sowed the seed for #IndiaPositive in her.

The author urges the readers to do things which are positive, one thing or two things or just something that can bring a change. Once you start reading the book, you will reach chapter 10 that has 52 short, inspirational and stirring stories of small acts of kindness, affection, empathy and positivity that will certainly motivate you into an action mode – why cannot I do small things for others in need? For example, the author asks:


“If you are the awesome mom or dad cooking the lunch for your young children – once a week, can you consider packing an extra lunch for one person to whom you can give it with joy?”

Gender, age, education, socio-economic status do not matter,” she says. “You don’t even have to be within the geographical borders of India. You can be anywhere on the planet and contribute towards making a positive difference in India. From food to environment to water to civic issues and many more aspects where we can make a difference even as we go about our daily lives, these stories of unsung heroes from across India will leave you enormously inspired.

“None of them has huge resources,” she says. “What they did have was the compassion to help those around them and the passion to pursue their vision. Citizens have shared their action ideas within.”


The book is very interactive. Savitha Rao invites you to read, reflect and write your ideas in the book and bring them to life with action. She aims to inspire others by the actions of fellow citizens, with concise chapters allowing for this book to be read quickly and easily. “In fact, most readers find themselves getting into action with the ideas inspired by the book,” she adds. “In a time when the pandemic has impacted every nation and people feel powerless – this book infuses positivity and empowers the reader.

“For people living overseas, this is a great book to read,” explains Savitha. In fact, I would like you to invite your family and friends to read it as well. With a shared context, you will be able to initiate your own positive actions in a creative and impactful way.”

Savitha Rao’s work in the space of sustainability sparked in her the idea that change at the macro level is not possible without change at an individual level. She has been running social campaigns since 2012. Her ideas were featured in the Mann Ki Baat program of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and a meeting with the PM added further momentum to her ideas.

Our honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendar Modi expressed his sincere appreciation of the book, he says that “At a time when the nation is putting up a spirited and resolute fight against Corona pandemic, the book ‘#India positive Citizen’ will add to the positivity and indomitable spirit of humanity to overcome all challenges.“He also wishes that this book should be read widely and inspire more readers to take constructive and positive steps for the larger good of mankind.

So, this book is a self-realisation book, where we can explore the beautiful deeds of the people mentioned in the book and you can learn how to be a positive Indian citizen, you cook and share this with others to create an impact about our nation.

Let’s have diversity in our motherland- INDIA!

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