A Thousand Gandhi Cannot Change This Male Chauvinism.


“There is no occasion for women to consider themselves subordinate or inferior to men.”- Mahatma Gandhi

In today’s life for women it’s more critical than she experiences danger horror or severe ailment, every day seems to be a grand success for women and teenagers to hit the workplace or school and come back safely to home. Whether it is a robbery or sexual assault, the women are the only victim in the society, because the whole Nation considered the women as weaker sex; but the man doesn’t realise and understand how mentally she is strong to protect her from man-eater cannibal society and protect her family from hunger and danger.

“Women are the strongest pillars of the nation; where, she can build a fantastic future for family and her children and can also destroy any city like kannaki does.”

What a shameful chauvinist society to consider us as the weaker sex?

This chauvinist society thinks women as an easy piece of cake to satisfy their lust; they think that spreading the girl’s legs, forcing them to for sex is like the male’s quality, but the male society does not understand that its a shameful harm that he is doing to another woman with the same body parts of his mother.

“If thousand gandhi rises from epitaph will never be able to change one adultery man.”


After so many years of independence, our Indian women did not award with the longest dream of independence from social evils like:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Domestic violence
  • Dowry cruelty
  • Burning the bride alive
  • Polygamy
  • Rape
  • Child marriage
  • No right to education
  • Blackmailing with  videos
  • Forcing for sex

You cannot list the rights and freedom of women in the nation but you can endlessly list the violence, injustice, oppression, iniquity and tort against the women in our society.

Mandela rightly said,

“Our freedom is also incomplete, dear compatriots, as long as we are denied our security by criminals who prey on our communities, who rob our business and undermine our economy, who ply their destructive trade in drugs in our schools, and who do violence against our women and children.”- Nelson Mandela.

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