Why Defence for Women and Girls are like Oxygen to Survive.

Why Defence for Women and Girls are like Oxygen to Survive.

“Feeling confident in your ability to protect yourself empowers you to live with less fear and more freedom.”- NICOLE SUNDINE 

Every day it’s like “A BREATH-TAKING MOMENT” for every lady and the teenagers and the saddest part for the school going girls of our society. We cannot predict what may happen to our loving children, daughter or wife. We are living in the world which is most stressful and dangerous; can’t imagine our very own blood like father, grandfather, relatives and neighbours are no longer can be trusted and they are the most undoubtful criminals who have molested, raped and even murdered the school going girls, where often their own blood.

“How cruel – a man of the own family is sexually harassing his own daughter, but the government is not interested and turns their deaf ears towards this dreadful situation that has been constantly happening for women.”

“Then why the government is not approving hanging to death punishment? I think government needs more nirbhaya cases to get convinced.”

Hello young girls and ladies, let’s get armoured and protected by ourselves.


That doesn’t mean that we need to carry a handgun with us but let’s get us protected by the defence arts:

Self-defence classes are aimed at teaching women fast, effective ways of disabling or disarming an attacker. A variety of situations are addressed, including being attacked from the front, side, or behind, as well as attacks with or without a weapon. Women are also taught how to use items they have in their possession as weapons if necessary, such as using their car keys to scratch at the face or jab at the eyes.

Mastering a self-defence technique can give you an incredible sense of confidence. It can make you feel strong, capable, and fierce, even in situations that may have made you feel timid before. But improved self-confidence is about far more than just feeling good about yourself.

“Self-confidence can also protect you.”

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