Roles Of Parents In Their Kids Life.


The basic traditional roles of being a parent are just like how our parents were to them like nurture and educate children, discipline them, manage home and financially support the family. This is traditional fathers of our culture do they are driven by the physical work that they indulge themselves to earn their daily bread.

But, today the parents should play Modern roles and should actively participate in children care. The main idea is that parents must be child-centred and should aim to optimal growth and development of their children, to help them have satisfactory biological, social, psychological and emotional growth because this modern age is so challenging for kids to cope with emotional and psychological mind switches.

The first role of the parents is to take care of their child’s biological needs. Providing physical care to fulfil the needs of the child imply: proper food, fresh air, good lighting, enough sleep, recreation time, etc.

The parents should provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that allows the children to grow healthy. The kind request for the parents is to avoid buying junk foods to their kids and bring up the practice of eating veggies, cereals and fruits which are the real health provided and aid for their growth.


Make sure their environment is safe. You have to protect your children, to warn them by telling what is safe to do and what isn’t before they venture out on their own. Teach your child the difference between right and wrong, and that wrong may be harmful both for him and for others especially the parents need to teach about the good touch and bad touch to their kids.

Your goal is to protect your children from dangers to which they may be vulnerable and to keep them safe. Children feel safe when there are continuity and consistency in daily routines, and especially when there is a loving atmosphere.

To raise your children properly, your duties aren’t limited to food, shelter and protection, but also require you to teach and educate them, to shape knowledge and character, to prepare your child to face the real world and teach the art of survival when they are out on there on this society, how to mingle and adjust and modify themselves according to the society.

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