Parents Are The Real Teachers For Their Children


Parents are the one responsible soul for their beautiful angels sent from God and they are in place to provide the needs of their children like love, attention, support, material things and most of all knowledge especially the practical knowledge that is required to respect other humans in the society and how to be a responsible citizen in this society.

Parents are indeed the best teachers of their children; they give knowledge in several ways. First, they’re the one who teaches their child how to talk at an early age and utter the most beautiful words in the world, “appa, amma”.

It is the special moment where the child learns to communicate and express what she or he feels about things around him or her and tries to decode the things around them and this is the perfect age where they learn how to perceive things in the right way and try to fix the world’s happening in the most beautiful ways.


Parents are responsible for helping their child in their school education also, they should not leave into the hands of the teachers and even the parents have to take responsibility especially in the initial education stage like teach how to write their names, how to read the ABC, how to sing the different nursery rhymes, how to count and how to deal with his or her classmates and teacher. The parents should not take this stage as granted because they develop a feeling that their been monitoring by their parents and have to discipline and focus on studying.

They’re responsible for moulding their child’s character as well as beliefs in life, especially when adolescence period, this is the stage the should be no longer can be a parent, they have to turn as their kid’s friend as their kids feel like sharing their personal feelings and differentiate between the love, infatuation and crush.

The saying goes, “A child is a father to a man.” stating that the parent’s character is very significant in moulding the character of their child. 

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